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responsive websites

Responsive is how the website is displayed, depending on the device used. A website needs to function, transform visitors into customers.

From a detailed online presentation of your business, to a little 'simple something' with a shopping cart for your products, or a blog for your thoughts, we build it.

Using the WordPress platform, CanDoDesigns develops responsive, mobile friendly websites. You follow the process, your input is vital.
We teach you how to maintain ... or you can leave it all to us.

search engine optimized

A website needs to be found by the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must in order to GET SEEN. SEO is not optional. Research, analysis and on-page optimization is included in every quote.

This process involves homework for you, no-one knows your business better than you.

video & photography

We offer a free phone consultation.

Examples of Responsive Websites

Trio Fitness - Spinning Pilates Yoga
Leave it to the Irishman
Leave it to the Irishman

Racehorse Trainers in Newmarket UK

“Tina’s turnaround is unbelievable. If you have an idea she can get it done. Thanks to the know how of CanDoDesigns a lot of people have commented on my website.”

Jim McJunkin

Photographer & Author

CanDoDesigns took my concept and expanded it in directions I had not considered. They designed a website that was beyond my expectations and advised marketing strategies that I hadn’t considered. Fast, efficient and easy to work with. I highly recommend CanDoDesigns as your web designer and for marketing strategies.

Piper Sandals

Handmade Leather Sandals
"I have never done business with a more professional and talented person in my forty six years of my Piper Sandal Company business.  Since you launched our new site, we have had immediate success in sales.  You did everything on time, correctly, and you were so easy to deal with and so attentive to our needs." 

Thank You very much for the kind Words!

"marketing strategies"

“The truth about Tina’s work is that she is not only creative, professional, and willing to listen to your needs in creating your new website, she is incredibly quick and efficient! We highly recommend her!!!!!”
Rebecca Rigdon

“Just wanted to comment as a dressage rider and photographer what a spectacular job you did with the material for David Blake’s webpage. Excellent content and navigation, beautiful artistically quality and overall one of the best I’ve seen from any aspect of the industry. Enough to make me take time from my busy schedule to send notes to all 3 of you – web design, site owner and photographer – to tell you how much I loved it!” (anonymous about

"great turn around"

“Tina Patylek, creator of CanDoDesigns has taken our marketing to a whole new level with great results! Tina is a fast study for what one needs to market a product… very imaginative, very creative, a fine photographer and a great problem solver. She can design a website or a marketing video rapidly and for a very fair price. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for innovative and excellent work.”
Barbara, Alston, and Maury Boyd – Boyd & Boyd Properties, LLC

“I have had several folks do our website and I have been very satisfied with the results of CanDoDesigns. The work got done quickly, and I got photos up in a hurry, and I was very pleased with suggestions made and the work done and it was in a very timely manner. When I got the bill for the work I felt like I got a lot done for the amount of money. Great job,”
“I have gotten so many great reviews of the website you would not believe. I am getting about a dozen a day. You have done a great job. I appreciate your time and skills. Thanks, Marsha Johnson”
Marsha Johnson Flying M Ranch Texas

we offer a free consultation

how our work has been described

  • a fast study for what one needs to market a product
  • incredibly quick and efficient!
  • creative, professional, and willing to listen to your needs